On behalf of me, myself, and I, I would like to warmly welcome you all on board this virtual journey around the globe with me at ‘Thousand Miles To Touchdown’.

Here is an About Me section for those of you being nosy and wanting to know something about who I am  😉 , so I won’t say much here about me, rather about this blog.

Why ‘Thousand Miles To Touchdown’?

If someone asks me about the 3 things I absolutely love doing, the answer to that instantly would be: Flying, Traveling, and Taking pictures!

Though it’s hard to describe which one I love more! As a crazy AvGeek and an avid wanderer, the flying and traveling bit goes hand in hand, while taking pictures is of course, a bonus. “I fly to travel – and I travel for flying” – this phrase is what actually gave me the idea to start this travel blog.

With inspirations and ideas from many other travel blogs out there, I’ve created this platform to inspire others who, like me, are deeply into flying many miles above the clouds to explore our beautiful world. I would also like to fight racism, xenophobia, hate, and ignorance through my travels and my blog by showing how our diverse world actually looks first hand. This is also an ideal place for those who can’t travel so much, because I’ll be guiding you to help you travel and I’ll be virtually taking you on these adventures with me 🙂 !

On this blog, I will share my experiences from various countries and cities which I’ve visited as well as my flight experiences with different airlines. That’s all? Of course not! I’m also going to focus on providing my beloved readers and visitors with useful tips, facts, interesting news and updates, and motivation to help them plan their travels!

So buckle up your seat belt and get ready to touchdown thousands of miles, just as an aircraft does after reaching its destination.

Cheers to you all! Mani