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Hi! I am Manazir, better known as Mani among my friends and acquaintances. I’m a 24 years old (or young?) guy from Hamburg, northern Germany. Since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with flying, traveling, and going places – I mean, I really love airplanes and ‘conquering’ cities!

A little history about me. I was in fact, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 24th January, 1993. It was a Sunday. Not long after when I was just a year old baby, my mom took me to Melbourne, Australia. There I would be meeting my dad for the first time in my life! He was pursuing his Ph.D. degree there so I got my first opportunity to live and grow up abroad. My siblings were born there but after living there for 4.5 years, my dad wanted to move back to our native city of Cape Town.

I lived just about 5 years of my entire life switching between Cape Town and Dhaka, which was after moving back from Australia. Nowadays my dad admits it was a huge mistake… but oh well, shit happens. Life back home that time wasn’t that great. So my dad soon started to look for a job as a professor abroad. In 2002, he joined a university in Muscat, Oman and a year later, me, my mom, and siblings moved to Oman. There began a completely new life for us. We started attending an international school and after 8 years, I finally completed my school in 2011.

I was 18 at that time and was thinking about going abroad to pursue higher studies and eventually settle down somewhere for good. I didn’t want to go somewhere too far like the US or Canada or Australia. I was always more fascinated by Europe and wanted to move somewhere there. After a lot of thinking, I chose Germany as my destination. Sure, it meant the need to learn German but I was up for the challenge. Then on 23rd September 2011, I landed for the first time in Germany and my first home was in Bielefeld, where I attended a language school to learn German. I eventually wanted to move to a bigger city for university studies so after I was done with language, I moved to Hamburg in 2013 and have been living in this awesome city ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m currently a student of B.Sc. Urban Planning, though I’m not sure if I want to be a city planner for the rest of my life. Not because I don’t enjoy it or something, but it has been always my ultimate dream to fly and travel around the world! Everybody aims to fulfill their life goals and obviously, I’m no exception. So if I’m on the ground working my ass off all the time, I’d have very limited chance to follow my dream. Sure I’m gonna get paid and everything but for me, money isn’t really a source of happiness if you don’t know what to do with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, I’d definitely love to work as an international urban planner, which may give me the fine opportunity to travel places and develop different cities in the world! It would definitely be the best thing ever to make a career out of my passion someday like many others out thereย and let’s face it, I have to have an income source from somewhere to get started and save up and fund my ultimate dream right?ย  ๐Ÿ˜› And who knows, I might even start my own firm someday with a different concept – which can possibly combine urban planning/architecture and traveling! Everything is possible if you work hard for it right?

I’ve been flying and traveling since I was just a year old baby and so far (as of October 2016), I’ve been to 28 countries. I created this travel blog to share my flying and travel experiences first hand among my friends, family, global visitors, aviation enthusiasts, and other world explorers. This way, everyone can get to have an inside look of my different experiences and opinions, inspire them to see the world, and it helps to preserve wonderful memories!

Honestly speaking, I’m not the typical backpacker person but that doesn’t mean I travel first class ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I like to travel comfortably, yet at a budget. It’s always worth spending a few extra Euros to travel with your favorite airliners or trains and keep your wallet still quite full at the same time – it is possible! Due to this I’ve come up with a personal motto of mine: “Fly high – travel low”

One important issue I would like to stress: it is really unfortunate that in 2016, racism, xenophobia, hate, ignorance etc.. still exists in many parts of our world and it’s found mostly among those who haven’t traveled around the world to experience different cultures and religions and learns the negative only from media. This is what I would like to change through my blog as well. My plan is to visit over 70 countries in the world and share each of these experiences with everyone and break stereotypes and the negative perception of different cultures.

A hearty thank you to you all and happy surfing!


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