I finally booked my ‘Dream’ Flight with the Dream)liner!


Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A modern, revolutionary aircraft designed and produced by Boeing since a couple of years now. This aircraft was designed to change air travel experience and provide much better, more comfortable flights for passengers. The aircraft started its first commercial passenger flights just about 5 years ago (October 2011). Due to its incredible design, comfort, safety, and efficiency, it received a total of 1,155 orders from 63 different airlines and customers (as of August 2016). Five years since the Dreamliner started serving passengers, I have been dreaming about flying on the Dream)Liner. Still I didn’t have the chance to fly on this awesome aircraft unfortunately  🙁 .


What a beautiful airplane! (Photo from Boeing)

What a beautiful airplane! (Photo from Boeing)


But that’s all about to change soon hopefully! …. Because I’ve just recently booked my first ever flights which are going to be operated with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

You may have noticed already that I am really, really, really excited about this and sooo looking forward to it! I know, some of you are probably thinking I’m going insane 😉 But those of us who are into aviation know exactly how special this aircraft is. Because this isn’t your ordinary aircraft which you are used to flying with. So what makes the Boeing 787 Dreamliner special?

(Btw, I’ll try to avoid ‘scientific words’ as much as possible)


Design of the 787 Dreamliner

– This is the first plane to be made of 80% composite materials (mixture of aluminium, titanium, steel etc.) and this makes the aircraft so light-weight that some people call it ‘plastic’ even. 

– It has curvy, almost flexible wings with raked wingtips (curved ends of the wings) – I find it sexy!  😛 

– Noise-reducing engine design makes the aircraft much quieter than other aircraft out there. 

– (Almost) completely electronic flight systems – making the airplane much safer and smoother to fly.

– Boeing’s most fuel-efficient airliner so far.  


Look at those wings flex! (Photo via Google)

Look at those wings flex! (Photo via Google)


The engine design has chevrons (those 'teeth') which reduces noise. (Image via wired.com)

The engine design has chevrons (those ‘teeth’) which reduces noise. (Image via wired.com)


Passenger Comfort on board the Dreamliner

Of  course as passengers, we would be more interested in how it feels from the inside. And here’s how :

– Spacious cabin with more headroom. Typically 9 seats in a row in economy class.

– Larger windows than any other planes out there. Even center row passengers can have clear views of the outside. 

– There are no plastic window shades. These are ‘smart windows’ which instead have a button to adjust the light and visibility.

– Cabin lights are LEDs, which have mood lighting. Which means, the lights can change different colors in different stages of the flight to help make you feel comfortable and reduce jet-lag.

– A typical aircraft has a cabin pressure of 8,000 ft (2,400 m) – as in the air inside feels the same as you would feel at that height. But on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it has a cabin pressure of 6,000 ft (1,800 m). This helps passengers feel more comfortable, fresh, and less exhausted.

– The special air-conditioning systems makes the air inside more fresh and ‘healthy’ and the cabin air has a higher humidity, which reduces the ‘dryness’ feeling and helps to reduce jet-lag significantly! 


Here is a YouTube video on the interior mood lighting on this aircraft


So perhaps now it’s clear to you why I am so eager to try out some flights on this revolutionary airplane! It all seems great in theory – that it’s different and better than other jets which we have been flying so far – which is why we need to check out how it really feels on a 787 Dreamliner flight  🙂


Oh btw, this aircraft comes in 3 different ‘sizes’ : B787-8 (small), B787-9 (medium), and B787-10 (large). Seems like I’m talking about food portions here…  😆

The 787-8 seats an average of 250 passengers and can fly almost 14,000 km.


A B787-8 of Air Canada (Image via Wikipedia)

A B787-8 of Air Canada (Image via Wikipedia)


The 787-9 seats an average of 280 passengers and fly about 15,000 km.


LAN's B787-9 (Image via Google/Youtube)

LAN’s B787-9 (Image via Google/Youtube)


The 787-10 seats an average of 330 passengers, though has slightly less range and can fly nearly 12,500 km. This aircraft is still under development and haven’t started production yet.


A future B787-10 of Singapore Airlines (Photo via Google)

A future B787-10 of Singapore Airlines (Photo via Google)


I should also mention that not only Boeing, but Airbus has also recently developed and started producing their own such aircraft – known as the Airbus A350 XWB. Airbus fans naturally tend to prefer this more than the Dreamliner. But even as a Boeing fan, I would definitely love to fly on the A350 someday and compare between the two airliners. But more on that later….


My upcoming Dreamliner flight

Before I wrap up, I want to talk a bit about the flight which I booked.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways and Amsterdam-based KLM are two of the many airlines currently flying the Dreamliner. Both of them have the medium-sized Boeing 787-9 in their fleets, which serves some of their destinations. Etihad currently (August 2016) flies this aircraft on Abu Dhabi – Düsseldorf – Abu Dhabi route 6 days a week. So when I planned to visit my parents in Muscat, Oman this September, I decided to fly via Abu Dhabi on Etihad’s brand new 787 Dreamliner. This means that I will have to fly from Düsseldorf Airport instead of Hamburg Airport.


An Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Image via Irelandaviation.com)

An Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Image via Irelandaviation.com)


KLM's Dreamliner (Photo via airplane-pictures.net, taken by Daan van der Heijden)

KLM’s Dreamliner (Photo via airplane-pictures.net, taken by Daan van der Heijden)


As I’m transiting via Abu Dhabi, I thought about spending 2 days here to explore this city for the first time. Moreover, it would also give me an opportunity to fly to Muscat from Abu Dhabi with KLM’s  brand new Dreamliner! KLM flies the 787 on the Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Muscat and return route and has code-share agreement with Etihad to fly between Abu Dhabi and Muscat. I have also booked my return flights in similar way – on the same Airlines with the same aircraft choices. If anyone is curious, this round trip ticket cost me around € 670.

All I hope now is that there is no sudden change in aircraft or God forbid, anything else that would ruin my dream chance! I am really looking forward to having four flights aboard the Boeing 787 Dream)Liner this summer – and end my summer holidays with a nice experience. Of course, I can’t wait to share with you all my flight experiences and reviews on this beautiful airplane!  😀

If you have already flown on the 787 Dreamliner, please do tell us how your experience was! Did you like your flight on this plane? Was the experience different than older generation aircraft?


P.S.  None of the pictures posted here are mine. Specific Photographers (if any) have been credited.


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