Flying High

Okay some of you might wonder… what kind of section is this?! Some booking page for flights? or maybe something boring about some airlines? Well…Nope and Nope. So what’s this about? here goes…

As you probably already read in About¬†section, I am an AvGeek – short for ‘Aviation Geek’, as in someone who is nuts about airplanes, flying, and plane spotting. When I was just a year old, I flew for the first time with Singapore Airlines to Melbourne. Of course I don’t remember my first flight cuz I was just a baby, but I again flew with Singapore Airlines when I was 5 years old and I remember a lot more from that flight as well as from our stopover at Singapore’s Changi Airport, where my mom introduced me to ‘Plane Spotting’ for the first time in my life.



Since then, with the development of more modern aircraft, airline services and amenities, as well as the increasing opportunity to fly easier and safer, my passion for airliners and flying grew to a very high level. And as this is a part of my passion for traveling, I decided to include this special section on my blog as well. This section of my blog will be specially devoted to:

Trip Reports : This is the fun part! Here are detailed reviews from my in-flight experiences. While for many it can be fun to check out inside a flight, this can also help you decide on your future flights.

Airline Tidbits : This is the information part. I will be posting miscellaneous news and facts from the airline industry as well as my personal opinions. You could find this either boring or interesting.

Flying Tips : This is the useful part! Here, I will be posting different trips and/or tricks to help you fly better and in a more interesting way, so do check it out!


Let’s touchdown after thousands of miles of flying.

Happy Flying and Have a Safe Flight, always!