Vietnam Trip : Plan + Budget

Prior to May 2016, I haven’t traveled for over 7 months. Yep you heard me right, 7 long months! For a traveler, that feels like eternity. To be honest, I don’t even know myself why I wasn’t traveling in those months or what was I planning or thinking about etc… But I was sure about one thing, I kind of got ‘bored’ travelling mostly inside Europe. I really wanted to go somewhere outside Europe to a far-distant country. Most of all, I wanted to fly long-haul with my favorite airlines.

In the meantime, I have (very luckily!) come across quite a lot of established travel blogs on the internet and as I’ve checked them out, my hunger for travel rekindled. Not only these awesome sites started to re-inspire me to travel, it also gave me the idea to start my own blog at the same time. This way, I can talk about my travels and in turn, inspire others too!


My Favorite Airline!

Why Vietnam though?

As I was on a low budget and had very limited time to travel in the middle of May, I thought of flying to some destination in Asia. Some place where it wouldn’t cost me much for a return ticket and for expenses in the visiting destination. Some city where I can visit and enjoy in a short time. Because of this, I constantly kept checking the Emirates website for their ‘featured fares’ – this is a special, discounted fare which Emirates offers several times a year. As an Emirates frequent flyer member, it would also give me an opportunity to add some extra miles to my account.

The perfect fare at the time pointed to an Emirates flight from Hamburg to Ho Chi Minh City with a stopover in Dubai. The return ticket cost me about € 515, which I booked about 1.5 month before my flight. Considering the distance you’re flying and the airline you’re flying with, it was actually a really good price! But before booking, I of course did some research on Ho Chi Minh City to see what I can visit there, where I can stay, and how much would everything cost as well as visa requirements.


Typical Saigonese Traffic

A quick google search led me to find a good hostel in an ideal location called Vietnam Inn Saigon. With a rate of just € 5 per night and after reading some positive reviews, I didn’t hesitate to book my 3 nights in this place! After researching some of the important stuff like sights to visit there, places to eat and drink, things to do etc…I concluded that Ho Chi Minh City, or Vietnam in general, is actually quite a good destination for budget travelers. What’s more, Vietnam was already listed among the countries I wanted to visit so this seemed like a good opportunity!

Without further ado, I’ve finally decided to resume my travels and planned to fly to Vietnam on 14th May 2016. But let’s have a look at how my budget for this trip looked shall we? Oh btw, the Vietnamese currency is called Vietnamese Dong (VND). 1 € ≈ 25,000 VND.

Flight: € 515

Visa Fee: € 85

Hostel Stay: € 15 (3 nights)

Food + drinks: € 40

Taxi: € 12 (from and to airport)

Extras: € 15

Total: ~ € 685

The budget doesn’t look bad at all does it?! I guess you had enough of my planning and budgeting, so let’s get on board the flight and fly all the way to this exciting South-east Asian city!

P.S.  I obtained a tourist visa through the Vietnamese consulate in Frankfurt before leaving.


Motorbikers on a rainy day in Ho Chi Minh City

Please do let me know if you have been to Ho Chi Minh City and how did you budget your trip there  🙂

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