If you love nature (I mean let’s be honest who doesn’t), then this post is definitely for you. There are many destinations on earth which are famous for its natural wonders – the Table [...]

A Daytrip To The Cameron Highlands

  When it comes to Indonesia, most people tend to visit Bali or Yogyakarta or Sumatra etc. A few years back, this remarke would be followed by a “WHY?” coming out of my mouth… but [...]

Visiting Jakarta In 48 Hours

  Here’s the thing. When I was visiting Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur back in February/March, it seemed to me that not many people knew what to visit there exactly. At least that’s the impression [...]

How To Make The Best Of Kuala Lumpur?

  Muscat Population : ca. 2,000,000 (metropolitan area) Made up of : Omanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Gulf and Levant Arabs, Brits, Europeans, Americans, Africans… and basically more or less from everywhere Language [...]

A Traveler’s Guide to Muscat, Oman

  Let’s face it, travelling itself is awesome. Even preparing for a trip can be rather exciting – except when it comes to visa requirements and/or restrictions for international travels. The last thing you want [...]

Do You Need A Visa For South Africa?

  So here I am, finally writing about my Malaysian trip over a month since returning from there (yaaay?).. so soo sorry to keep you all waiting for my posts on Malaysia, therefore without further [...]

Malaysia : My First Impressions

  Astana Old name : Akmola / Tselinograd Population : 1,000,000 Ethnic Makeup : Kazakhs 65%, Russians 24%, Ukrainians 3%, Tatars 2%, Germans 1,5%, Others (Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Poles etc.) 4,5% Language : Russian widely spoken, [...]

Your Travel Guide to Astana

  If you are wondering whether two days are really enough to visit Kazakhstan’s capital, then let me assure you. Yes. Two days are quite enough to visit Astana. I am speaking from personal experience [...]

How To Spend Two Days in Astana

  Those words (in the title) were the exact words I googled when I was planning my trip to Cape Town in August (2016). It’s probably a ‘ritual’ for most budget travelers – searching for [...]

Where To Eat Cheap in Cape Town?

  One thing is quite certain about Oman – the country has no shortage of beautifully constructed and decorated Mosques. Being a Muslim-majority country in the Arabian Peninsula, mosques can be seen almost everywhere. But [...]

Mosques in Muscat you definitely have to visit!

  On the first weekend of September 2016, I visited Kazakhstan. Its capital city Astana, to be specific. While I have been wanting to visit Kazakhstan for quite some time, I faced a lot of [...]

Why did I want to visit Kazakhstan??