Astana Old name : Akmola / Tselinograd Population : 1,000,000 Ethnic Makeup : Kazakhs 65%, Russians 24%, Ukrainians 3%, Tatars 2%, Germans 1,5%, Others (Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Poles etc.) 4,5% Language : Russian widely spoken, [...]

Your Travel Guide to Astana

  If you are wondering whether two days are really enough to visit Kazakhstan’s capital, then let me assure you. Yes. Two days are quite enough to visit Astana. I am speaking from personal experience [...]

How To Spend Two Days in Astana

  On the first weekend of September 2016, I visited Kazakhstan. Its capital city Astana, to be specific. While I have been wanting to visit Kazakhstan for quite some time, I faced a lot of [...]

Why did I want to visit Kazakhstan??