Trip Reports

In today’s world, flying is possibly the best way travel places, which has become much easier and cheaper than before due to many low-cost carriers available. However, not many travel blogs out there cater to aviation enthusiasts (aka ‘AvGeeks’) like me who love airplanes and airports and spend a significant part of their journeys devoted to enjoying a flight. Because of this, many people post so-called ‘Trip Reports’ on different websites and YouTube to share their flight experiences on different airlines and aircraft. This helps other potential travelers to better decide on an airline or a particular flight.

Which is why I came up with the initiative of posting my own flight experiences or Trip Reports from the airlines I’ve flown with or have plans to fly with in the future. I should note that this probably isn’t going to cover much on low-cost airlines because well, there isn’t really much to write about them :P. Although many of the Trip Reports out there focus on first/business class, a lot of mine are going to be about economy class cuz I usually fly economy and let’s face it, nearly 80-85% of us are going to be packed there anyway! So why not as well do reviews about Y class right?