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This is the place where you get to learn stuff! I know what you’re thinking…. “Oh nooo! Learning stuff? wtf!” Well let me just assure you that I have no intention of giving a university lecture or teaching like a school class here, rather it’s about learning the exciting stuff which can be very useful on planning and enjoying your travels  😉

Here I am going to share with you some travel tips and travel resources which I use to plan and budget my trips. When it comes to photography, I must admit I am no professional, but I am willing to share with my tips and the way I learned to take pictures with other beginners. For those interested in blogging or planning to start their own blogs, I created an exclusive section for blogging tips too!

Many of us would also like to know some interesting facts and figures about a country before going to visit there as well as making sure of annoying things like visas and registrations. Some others like to learn some useful words and phrases in the native language, which is why I’m here to help and guide you through all that. Now you might argue that surely you can find all these info online already? I’m saying yes, you could do that but sometimes, online info are not updated and what’s more, a lot of times the reality looks different than what is available on the internet! And what I’m posting here is from my own trial and errors, my own learning, and my own experiences in reality.

So please do check them out and enjoy learning something new!

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