For those who are familiar with South Africa’s apartheid and Nelson Mandela have more or less heard about Robben Island. This island is perhaps the most important place you can visit, which bears evidence [...]

Cape Town : A Visit to Robben Island

  For anyone visiting Cape Town, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is perhaps always on their itinerary. Named after Queen Victoria and her son Prince Alfred, this waterfront is the most visited attraction in South Africa. [...]

Cape Town : V&A Waterfront in Pictures

  Just last week, I came back from Cape Town. Unfortunately. With a heavy heart. 😥 Honestly I regret that I planned to spend there just 6 days… because it was amaaazing there! I’ve heard [...]

8 Things you MUST do in Cape Town!

Every year, Skytrax awards different airlines into different categories. The most important category from that is the World’s Top Ten Airlines. The rankings are different every year of course, but usually the top 10 Airlines stay [...]

World’s Best Airline In 2016!

This is a short guide for those wanting to travel to Vietnam sometime soon (or later) and seeking some reliable visa information. As I’m still holding a Bangladeshi passport (as of 2016), I unfortunately needed [...]

Visa Requirements for Vietnam

After flying 6.5 hours from Hamburg to Dubai, 2.5 hours layover, then another almost 7 hours flight from Dubai to Ho Chi Minh City without any sleep at all…well, you can imagine – I was [...]

Check-In Review : Vietnam Inn Saigon

From Vietnamese to international food, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to eating in Saigon. And compared to most Asian and European cities, food is pretty cheap here. The local food is [...]

Where To Eat In Saigon?